Elect Marcie Shea as the Tuckahoe Representative for the Henrico County School Board on November 5!

Elect Marcie Shea as the Tuckahoe Representative for the Henrico County School Board on November 5!

Meet Marcie

Marcie is a parent, educator, and problem solver who believes that every student deserves a great education.

The Issues

Marcie’s focuses are informed by experience as a Tuckahoe educator and parent.
  • Marcie Shea has a way of getting everyone excited and on board with what she is passionate about, no matter what that may be. [She] has always been someone I looked up to in life. Not only because she is a great teacher, but also because she is a fantastic person. Her intelligence astounds you, but her heart amazes you even more.

    Music Teacher, Former Student
  • Last school year we had the good fortune to cross paths with Marcie Shea. She was my daughter’s AP Physics tutor. Finding Marcie was on par with finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Marcie encouraged and taught in such a positive way. She knew her subject inside and out, taught it so that my daughter understood, anticipated the upcoming subjects and prepared her for them. Marcie went above and beyond, was generous with her time, and showed genuine care for the group of students she tutored. 

    Tuckahoe parent
  • Putting Marcie on the School Board doesn’t just give you any teacher voice there – it gives the board the voice of an outstanding classroom teacher; a master of the art who can speak not just to what teachers need but a visionary who can look towards where schools need to go in the future.

    Freeman teacher
  • Marcie’s devotion to teachers and public education is apparent in her actions. I’ve watched her spearhead a campaign to support a teacher being surplussed, offer assistance to various teachers to help set up their classrooms, and volunteer for the school and the PTA.  As a fellow PTA volunteer, I can attest that not only does Marcie step up to do the needed grunt work, but she also aligns her volunteer work to use her many unique skills and talents to help our school.

    Pemberton Parent
  • Mrs. Shea was truly one of the most inspiring teachers I have had throughout my education. As our education system continues to shift toward developing critical thinkers for a STEM workforce, Mrs. Shea possesses the passion, knowledge, and professional experience to provide a strong voice for continued STEM development in the Henrico school system.

    Physics Teacher, Former Student
  • Mrs. Shea was my physics teacher at DSF, and I must say, I've never to this day had a teacher so passionate about what she does. Mrs. Shea always had a way of bringing the students together in class. I'm a better person today because of the lessons my teachers have instilled in me along the way, and I want someone to bring those same lessons to students all across Henrico Country. 

    Former Student